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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Public Enemies(2009)

The director of Public Enemies had directed Heat and The Insider? Unbelievable. Oh wait, on second thought there were quite a few similarities between public enemies and heat. So perhaps, Michael Mann is an auteur? No. I don't think so. Similarities are merely- attractive costumes,guns and cars. Visually, the movie is inviting. But it stops with that. A few good shots do exist but the rest of them simply increase the rate at which your eyes blink.

A grand opening and a memorable ending indicates that the writer had only them in mind and just wrote bullshit in between to finish the script.

There're so many parts in the movie that are preposterous and unacceptable. John Dillinger walking into the police headquarters made me want to hit "ALT+F4" but I decided to stay on considering that there were just a couple of minutes left to get done with it.

Johnny Depp and Christian Bale are both woody as wood. John Dilinger doesn't scare me one bit. Marion Cotillard actually does a little bit of observable acting.

A few things were left unexplained and had been poorly dealt with. The romance between John and Billie was rushed. I felt as though I had missed a prequel to the movie. What does John do with all the money he robs from similar looking banks? There is hardly any insight given into the character.

If there're any nominations it can possibly get in the coming awards season, it would be for the art direction. Yes, Michael Mann does triumphantly manage to simulate the prohibition era.

If your aim is to get entertained you might as well go ahead and watch it. It isn't the most entertaining movie but Well. If you're looking for some real art, please do me a favour and skip it.

Rating- 6/10

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  1. Nice review. Very informative. And yes, I will skip it.


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