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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


After the success of Borat, I was really looking forward to Bruno. But as it turns out, it is a disappointment. Bruno is the kind of guy who can easily make you get irascible, so unlike Borat who looked funny and was funny right from the very first second on screen. Bruno's entrance is silly, a guy(you might not guess) dressed in the most outrageous outfit exposing his hairy thighs(too loud for adults to laugh at)who laughs that reminds me of a horse neighing. It just keeps getting MORE and MORE stupid from here. Using guys for chairs and plates... Had it been an animated movie for the kids then yes, it would've worked.

Despite the movie being just an hour and seventeen minutes I was consciously aware that it was really slow, except for the last thirty minutes which was hilarious in the most ridiculous way. It drove me nuts. Only when the movie got over, did I realize that I was looking for more. Had they interchanged the first thirty minutes with the last, maybe this would've been a positive review. It doesn't make sense as a whole anyway.

Sacha baron Cohen may or may not suit such a role but my imagination doesn't stretch beyond him being anything other than Borat. "Bruno" is to blame for that.

3 stars for evoking a few laughs and another 2 stars for the effort.

Rating- 5/10


  1. Lol, thank God for this review. I wanted to see Bruno but now think otherwise.

  2. Sir, I personally think Bruno is a far better and much more ambitious and outrageous venture by Sacha Baron Cohen. What he laid the seeds for with Ali G movie has finally attained fruition with Bruno, Borat being the perfect step in between. His pranks are more outrageous, his social commentary more relevant and joke, at least for me, funnier. I thought the talk show sequence with the baby was outstanding!

    I might just give it a 6.5.

    But, you, Sir....confirmed.



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