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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans (2009)

Nicolas Cage. He is the only reason you should? No,could watch "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans". Leaving Las Vegas, Adaptation, Matchstick men and Lord of War. That was Cage at his best. This one, however, is something you couldn't have imagined. In a role that demands eccentricity to the extent of inexplicability, he is fearless. As fearless as his character, Terrence McDonagh, the bad lieutenant. A character that requires more of acting out a lot. He gives his all. Not once will you feel him overdoing it. That is simply because he isn't playing the character but IS the character.

The story? Nonsense.

Eva Mendes? Wasted. With a reputation as a seductress, we don't expect much of acting from her. Of what we expect from her on screen, we get nothing. Oh, by the way, she emotes Frankie Donnenfeld, a prostitute.

A disarrayed clutter of well cinematographed scenes that works okay as a black comedy. Just okay.

Rating- 6/10


  1. THANKS DUDE. You are a very very good critic. I have not been able to lay my hands on keitel orginal but I know that alone would be more than enough.Looking forward for more from your blog.

  2. every time I read a review I can't stop myself from saying "Thats Arrogant!"

  3. You do 'selva' even here? Eh treteh!

  4. Your mom does selva even here rofl.

  5. You know what? Your blog has a staid theme, mature title but the language? Having dinner with the dogs.



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