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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mynaa (2010)

Prabhu Solomon’s Mynaa is a film that’s well written, well shot, well directed, well scored and well acted. It succeeds in all the major categories. However, it does come up short in its pacing and in staying modest. It starts modestly albeit its ideas are fresh and refreshing but ends up overdoing the comedic aspect. I don’t think it sold out, I think Solomon got carried away. All the excitement from directing a near perfect first half shows in the early parts of the second half. It appears to preach that loving people would guarantee a happy life but that’s not quite what I took from it. I contend it says that many minor injustices sum up to become a major injustice ending up in chaos. Characterization and character development couldn’t have been better in a film stuffed with eventful happenings. Its characters change according to circumstances without going out of character; that’s what makes them more earthly. There’re no good or bad people here. Solomon doesn’t take a side with the film’s characters giving you the freedom to perceive them the way you see them. Nevertheless, what becomes of them does affect you.

Rating – 6/10

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