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Monday, March 7, 2011

Nadunisi Naaygal (2011)

Similarities between Yudham Sei and Nadunisi Naaygal-
1.Psychopathic murderers.
2.Women get abused.
3.There’s a message.
4.At least a part of the story is narrated by a character in the film.

Differences between Yudham Sei and Nadunisi Naaygal-
1.Yudham Sei plays with your emotions; Nadunisi Naaygal doesn’t.
2.Yudham Sei is completely music driven; Nadunisi Naaygal is visceral and has no background score.
3.Yudham Sei starts preaching right from the very beginning; Nadunisi Naaygal tells you what the point of the film really was after the film is over.
4.Yudham Sei has characters that are either “good” or “bad”; Nadunisi Naaygal doesn’t judge its characters and treats them as individuals.
5.Yudham Sei is laden with a horribly contrived plot while Nadunisi Naaygal has no plot.
6.Yudham Sei has sociopaths working together (Mysskin, please do your research the next time) who react the same way to the same situation; Nadunisi Naaygal does a character study of a psychopath.
7.Yudham Sei has choreographed fight sequences; Nadunisi Naaygal keeps it real.
8.In Yudham Sei a bearded drunkard who has a bullet lodged in his stomach tells the story; the psychopath of Nadunisi Naaygal is narrating his story to a cop.
9.The cinematography is solely for the purpose of catching your attention in Yudham Sei, in Nadunisi Naaygal it is used with authenticity.
10.The actors in Yudham Sei could’ve been replaced by pieces of wood; the lead actor in Nadunisi Naaygal digs deep and gets into the psyche of the character.
11.Yudham Sei tells you to kill anyone who checks you out when you’re changing in the dressing room, Nadunisi Naaygal tells you that victims of child abuse are unable to move on and need serious attention.
12.Yudham Sei gets 0/10 from me, Nadunisi Naaygal gets 8/10.

I don’t have to tell you which one to watch.


  1. We get it dude, you HATE yudham sei.

  2. Crap,Yuddham sei was a betr entertainer than NN which was a total Sucker Mr. OMFGITSROHIT !! :) u watch cinema for a JOB , we watch it for Entertainment and we got that thru YS and not thru NN ;)

  3. Lol. Yudham Sei pretends to be an art film. It has visual metaphors. That's why I made the comparison with Nadunisi Naaygal. Nadunisi Naaygal is quite disturbing, it has no intentions of being an entertainer.

  4. Biased reviewing...Nadunisi naigal is a rip off from Hitchcock's Psycho ..its not worth 8.. I read some of your reviews you are doing a pretty good job except for that of Yudham sei..I think you have something personal against him.


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